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alligator ache
this emotional abyss
is an alligator--
fierce teeth biting deep,
sloped scales slipping silent
down the trails of soft cheeks,
hope hurtling hurt
down veined highways ... ...
there is an answer in the pain
for those strong enough to seek it
but I am spineless, flickering--
a thought caught
between the right and the wrong
of quiet epiphanies
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 21 12
skin mazes (cold/comfort contest)
sun fingers trickle
across a gooseflesh maze:
a brief respite from winter's bluster
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 13 9
HaikuWriMo 2017
1. ice fishing
rainbow koi paint trails
in a backyard pond
while cat skates thin ice above
2. Rorschach musings
homemade lava lamp:
vinegar and oil churn Rorschachs
in plastic bottles
3. bathing rituals
toasted sugar wafts
from pruned fingertips:
lotion after hot baths
4. commuting weather
fluffy flakes rendezvous
with black asphalt
as wet tires slur sluggishly
5. cloud curtains
day shines a flashlight
through thick folds of curtain:
a break in the clouds
6. shower scents
morning bliss and peppermint meringue;
hot water runs rivulets
down aching muscles
7. backyard at night
outside closed windows
a loud, maniacal laugh:
ducks at rest on a pond
8. morning murder
tiny black specks
smeared across ridged fingertips:
squashed ants
9. Sahara tongue
patched and parched,
desert crevices fill quickly
as water falls
10. stroke of day
mother moon jolts awake
surrounded by blue sheets;
day terrors
11. alligator heels
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 17 21
Bookspine Poetry 2 by betwixtthepages Bookspine Poetry 2 :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 6 6 Bookspine Poetry by betwixtthepages Bookspine Poetry :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 9 10
sleepy sparrow, sing
                        sleepy sparrow,
                                                 take wing:
a squawk, a hop, and a blip
from the starting point
of your life
blue skies wait for no bird
stuck in the midst of preening;
no, no, listen:
the clouds taunt you
soft and sure of themselves,
hard and harsh in their ideas of you
let them warble
what they may,
pay dipping beaks no mind
let go the bough of fear,
sparrow sweet
unlace the vines that bind
and soar
                      and swoop
                                              and sing
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 27 6
drifting me draining me
today, i am a drainpipe--
emotional baggage leaking
like rain following the tendrils
of greasy hair, slopes of
bony cheeks
my coworker tells me i
am shrinking into nothing;
i am too biased to know
if the space of my waistband
is healthy
or concerning
customers tell me
they like the flowers i thread
through my hair;
i smile but don't tell them
the vibrant colors are supposed
to represent the happy
i can't seem to find 
my mom tells me i
will get used to living alone,
it just takes time;
i don't argue anymore,
though i'm screaming, a bird
trapped in ribbone cages,
how much i hate it
my grandma says that this
was the best decision for me,
that living the way i was
for as long as i did
was never the answer;
most days, i believe her
but i wonder
how living as i am now
is any better
today, i am a river
sweeping the splinters
off the cliffs of my spine,
the waterfalls of my knees,
the points of all the joints that make me...
just trying
to figure out
who me is
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 30 13
Ch-Ch-Ch-CHANGES by betwixtthepages Ch-Ch-Ch-CHANGES :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 2 9 August 2016 by betwixtthepages August 2016 :iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 2 13
Biting Bitter
Morning blows cold across this
"too big for just one person" abyss,
the space you used to occupy empty
save the weight of wakeful silences
and the heft of harsh words.
With a sigh, I tie down the memories
and try to save face,
staving this starving sadness--
a trial and error attempt
at scraping you from the lining of my veins.
I remind myself this is best for us both
and try to paint over the places
your bitterness has bitten.
One day soon, I will stretch myself out
and move on without all the ache.
Today, my heart is swimming in salt water
and the glass shards of all our years.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 18 11
August 29th, 2016
there's a fine line between
'I know you're hurting' forgiveness
and 'that bitter's too much to choke down'--
and I've been toeing it for weeks,
umbrella held aloft,
ballet flats like petals on the wire,
just wishing for everything to
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 18 24
August 27th, 2016
i am scared today--
a wisp of a string of a feather
fluttering in winds
too strong for me
am i doing right this time,
or running once more?
what if all i've ever done
has been wrong?
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 19 21
Habitual Safety
A broken dream of girl,
I've been cowering for years,
the edges of my fear sharp
and threatening to impale me.
In the darkest depths of this ache,
"safe" became a haven,
a habit, a hurt--
the ground shifted beneath me,
life grew wild around my feet,
but I chose not to budge or change.
I stagnated, a pond devoid of ripples--
a lightless, lifeless set of hopes
without the proper words to lift me.
Somewhere between safe and happy,
I lost my balance and forgot myself
and when the axis reached the apex,
I pulled you down with me.
Broken shell of boy,
I hope you understand--
I'll apologize for hurting you
but I refuse to throw myself away again.
I sprouted wings
where safe and self met...
but there's no longer any room here
for me to fly.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 24 14
whirlwind drowning
there's a hurricane
sweeping through my drywall veins,
the masts of my strength
and the sails of my heart
anxiety makes a mess of me,
cthulhu a raging dominatrix
breathing against the cage of my ribs
and the slope of my spine
a warning whirlwind warring
against the tides of this battlecry
and i can't tell the difference
between the fear
and the hurt
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 24 20
mic-check the manic magic,
a mania of madness made
from the stripped static
of old records and soul solos.
there's a method to this music--
rest the easy notes,
strut the treble cleff,
and jive the pulsebeats always
because the noise is only pleasant
if there's pain behind the bass line,
if there's torture in the drums.
your cue is coming, darling,
and the crowd is swaying wild
so slice those strings across your skin,
let the crescendo drop,
and make your phantoms warble.
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 11 19
I will Be Like Asphalt
starting today, 
the wasps will float and fly
to tighter nests,
to less-scarred skins--
a soliloquy of heartache
I refuse to revisit
I will be like asphalt
pliant and forgiving
to those who warm me;
cold and unyielding
to those who set out
to break me down
:iconbetwixtthepages:betwixtthepages 18 9



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Undiscovered Gems (#64)

Thu Mar 10, 2016, 5:22 PM

I take suggestions for this series, so if you discover something while browsing the bowels of dA that you think needs to be shared, please send me ( betwixtthepages ) a note titled Undiscovered Gems.

Undiscovered Gems (64)

D o u b l e  E x p o s u r e  p o r t r a i t by Genius-TanyaZ

TeaClouds attached to string
filled with tattered leaves and Earth.
Raindrops in a glass.
  Strings of Life by MindInterface 
Floating in The Sky by sapphire22crown  CohabitatingFlies splay a constellation in reverse
across the wardrobe door sky.
They thrum and gossip at the smell of blood.
Their wet little feet patter every surface,
patting every surface, testing them as their own.
Tiny black hearts ache to take my kingdom
if only the knife would slip -
they buzz excitedly as I wretch into their airspace.
They don’t want to share this room with a human anymore.
I grasp for the precious edge of sanity
   - someone knocks
What am I doing? Just thinking about feeding the flies.
  League of Legends: Ashe [Back] by ThumbzDown
an iliadi. leimakid
i am bound by love
to the glistening ghosts
of the trembling leaves. beneath
my skin, a fragile bud
of hope
makes a
weak nest
for itself
of broken branches,
of dappled moss,
of fear
feebly beating
its downy wings: and only once
per hour now
does envy
make my heart
sk    ip a b eat
ii. pasiphaë
i study how the hourglass
stretches out across her back;
i watch her switch of slendered calves
illuminate her brindled halves.
i know her storming scorn still
scorches me -
she's cold and haughty,
sun-dripped, tau(gh)t and free.
the sheen of ichor glosses
dimly the flicker of her
holy marrow -
i see the throb of her
achilles aching to
snap from her skin -
she's a delicate
doe, so sleek, so
thin -
iii. selene
felt my world shift
with the swift grip
of your square jaw,
locked and rounded
in the broad paw
of your palm. and
now i know
there are breaths
better kept
we watch
a death,
a sho
  Lycan by amorphisss  things i've learned from punching walls.i. walls are hard.
ii. walls do not protest. even when you're pounding holes into them after your last fight with your parents or that day where you were feeling nothing was real.
iii. wounds heal. but in the time in between, your knuckles are peeled back like oranges and hot showers feel like death and people ask too many questions
iv. you may not feel it the first time
v. it will inevitably hurt. sometimes you'll feel it after the twenty fifth time or the moment you're about to buy groceries
vi. you won't always cry. but there will be times when you will become a waterfall and pound into the rock in front of you as if it has been keeping the answers from you the whole time. 
vii. you won't always lunge like a wildcat. soft punches will feel like knocks on a door no one ever answers and at times these will be the ones that hurt the most. 
viii. more times than not you will regret it. 
ix. broken bones do not learn like muscles do. so you must learn for them.
x. maybe yo

Mini Portrait__Sil'sila by BlackBirdInk
I wish... by blue-a  the world turns slowly and i step with itthe world keeps turning
even when i stand still;
i found secrets hidden in dark places
and i wonder why i never
looked for them before,
never studied the reasoning behind
hiding them in the first place.
(or maybe i might have,
maybe i wanted to forget, try to forget,
try to be forgiven --)
the world keeps turning
and the night turns to day even when i have
passed hours sleepless in the confines
of a restless mind; i wonder where
the time goes as it drags me through
forever, i wonder how long ago
i should have found myself and wonder if,
i've fallen behind.
i've tried to love three times
and every time it ends in broken-
hearted babbling
(not for me, you see, but them --)
and every time i feel a twinge
of sorrow
and regret
and i fear that this part of me
may be something broken.
the world keeps turning
and the fan on the nightstand keeps spinning,
gives me chills that warm
my frozen heart.
i'm terrified, i've found,
of getting close to the people that could
hurt me the most; i
  Thunderclouds by Aenami
pelagic seas.i wake up dreaming in aphotic waters,
i sleep with wide rabbit eyes, how can
you escape a phantom that is veined through
your skin? i am a whale swallowing beaches
to find weight in all this buoyancy, i am a stag
tangling antlers with oak branches to find br-ea-k
in all this armour, everyone tells me i look good
for someone biting the plum flesh of full-moon
nights, grinding teeth on the rinds of soured
no-one should repeat my mistakes.
i am a haunted new showroom home,
no-one seems to suspect that there are cracks
under all this smile, under all this laugh, under
all this light. my scars fibre-webbed, opal,
moonstone, the weight i carry masquerades as feathers,
the slow pull of bones from sockets, feet from
ocean floors hides in glass-cracked puddles,
i am a shipwreck disintergrating in plain sight.
no-one should repeat my mistakes.
i am a collection of fireflies, if you hold
too hard i will vanish. there is too much to
think about and not enough to say, how
can you explai
  Enchanted Forest by TacoSauceNinja  Lacrimosa She breaks harp strings
She tells me, in a hour
Or less
She has a backbone
Stronger than anything
I've ever seen
She breaks harp strings
She tells me, with delicate fingers
And violent heart
Loved by a ribcage
More fragile than
Her fluttering start
She is orchideliruim
She is lemon vodka, peppermint tea
Cold champagne spiked with
Like the things she used to make for me
She writes nocturnes in her sleep
And she cuts
But she can't let them see
She's a butterfly
Breaking at the wings
She is gilt and guilt and
Gold-tone trills, brilliant
She tells me she breaks harp strings
And we'll play the piano one day
I talk to her late at night
And miss her my whole life long
She shines like the delicate moon
Over spider-silk rewoven

Gaze by avvart  Summer LovePeople speak of
summer love
like it’s worth more than love in winter
like it crunches beneath fall branches
and escapes spring’s fleeting hold.
They revere it
like it lasts longer
than the time it takes for summer
to appear, flash once and filter
out; like summer stays so long.
  Id by lucid-dion
The Mist by bamboomix

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